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The meeting was something of shock for Miss Hudson.  A handsome man, helping her friend Holmes.  She was in shock when he first came through the door, but now her heart was skipping a beat or four.

"He-hello.  I’m Miss Hudson.  I’m an old friend of Sherlock’s."  She looked him up and down, and smiled softly.  He was tall, attractive, and his voice was deep and full of intelligence, just like his dark eyes.

He took her hand in his and brought soft lips down onto her knuckles.  She could feel heat rise to her face as he did.

Alfredo Llamosa, miss.  At your service.”


"I Want to Believe" by Dead End Designhttp://www.facebook.com/deadenddesignArtist Name: 


"I Want to Believe" by Dead End Design
http://www.facebook.com/deadenddesignArtist Name:

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Bored at 1 am this morning, so I watched Elementary.


Yeah. I love Sherock, I thought it might be good, like a spin-off or some such. Needless to say, very very wrong.image

Lets start with the cast, shall we?

there’s this dude. This is Sherlock, everyone.

image  Compared to that beautiful Sherlock Holmes that we, the Tumblrians, all know and love, he is absolutely horrible.


i think this photo speaks for itself^

And then there’s this chick.

it’s lucy liu how do you not know who lucy liu is? have you been living under a rock?


Joan Watson, everyone. That’s right, Joan. I get the feminine part and everything, but really? His name is John, and he is a dude.

you are correct there has never been a joan watson before

there has however been a jane watson, and mildred watson, not to mention amy winslow, or whatever the watson’s name from Moy nezhno lyubimyy detektiv

if you want you could even count mary russell

and he is usually called john except for that one time when acd accidentally called him james.

Thank you. Keep the Genderswap to trashy fanfics, would you?

what do you think elementary is?? more so what do you think BBClock is???

modern fanfic 

and get off your fucking high horse about sherlock holmes adaptations. We’ve had them as robots we’ve had them as mice and vegetables, we’ve had them fighting dracula, nazis, dinosaurs.

and yet i have never seen a shitstorm of the like that Lucy Liu’s casting did jfc. 

Every sherlock holmes adaptation is fanfic.




and you know what, at least elementary, even while genderswaping characters manages to not be closer to the actual characters then bbclock is fucking amazing to me.

Not to mention that she is just as smart as Sherlock is, just because the producers/writers/directors whatever needed to make a female lead that isn’t useless. Sorry, but sidekicks aren’t useless. How many times would Sherlock have gotten killed without John?


Watson is a respected surgeon he’s always been a smart character, sherlock probably wouldn’t have been able to tolerate his presence if he wasn’t. this whole john as the brawn to sherlock’s brain thing is in part a bbclock addition due to them deciding to play up his military history (which was of very little relevance to the original canon). Elementary doesn’t have the same level of violence and reinforcement of violence as a reasonable solution to problems that bbclock does. John shoots someone for sherlock at the end of study in pink. Joan treats the bullet wound of one of her kidnappers in paint it black. BBC!sherlock is perfectly ready to kill plenty of people and likely has, Elementary!sherlock only even attempts to kill one person in the entire 48 episode span thus far, the man he believed was moriarty. And you know what, even though he didnt go through with it it had consequences. The people in his life were really angry with what he tried to do, and he recognized that he had been wrong to take the law into his own hands. That violence had been recognized by the narrative to be wrong. And Elementary as a whole treats any violence or death with the kind of gravity it deserves. 

Elementary doesn’t necessarily make Joan more intelligent than sherlock. It just acknowledges the fact that there are different kinds of intelligence. Watson is a doctor, therefor is going to have a certain level of medical knowledge that would have been mostly irrelevant to sherlock or simply something he couldn’t learn on his own. She has another level of emotional intelligence that sherlock isn’t as good with, which is true in other adaptations as well but is often treated as unimportant. And Joan Watson’s identity gives her a different perspective then sherlock on things, and will have certain knowledge and skills that he doesn’t that are useful and relevant to solving crimes. 

Oh, and how can I forget


Mycroft Holmes. Upon who’s laptop depends the entire security of the free world. Yeah. In my opinion, he looks a lot more like Haymitch Abernathy, if he joined Sherlock’s infamous homeless network and was on crack instead of beer. 

judging people off their physical appearances again this seems to be a thing with you. Now if you were paying attention you would notice something beyond his looks, like his popular restaurant that served as a cover for organized crime or the fact that he worked for MI6 for years without sherlock having any idea. 

And what is Sherlock, I ask, without this fuckerimage

a little too hot to be playing Jamie Moriarty, isn’t she?

ur really complaining that she’s pretty? is that really what your concern is here? 


this is your moriarty^

like all im getting from this is that you have some serious sexist double standards you need to investigate because natalie dormer is a fantastic moriarty and the only word you have to say against her is that she’s pretty? 

And then of course, the plotlines, the shows themselves. 

Really, they aren’t any better than any other random cop show, and that means that they do not live up to my expectations of sherlock holmes. Mildly interesting, at best. Not Oh-god-what-the-hell-just-jumped-off-a-building-but-he-lived-of-course-he-lived-damnit-sherlock! Maybe my expectations were set to high, but forget it. And then there’s the filming, just average american. No clever tricks like the use of reflections on cars and windows like in Sherlock. No on-screen text (which you don’t see anywhere. It takes a daringly clever producer/writer to make that look interesting and useful instead of gaudy and dumb.) 

you know what bbclock has that elementary doesnt? glaring plotholes.

and how did sherlock survive huh? never even bothered to confirm bc moffat doesnt give a shit about decent payoff. 

I’ll give you that the cinematography in bbclock is pretty, but it always felt really unrealistic to me. I have never seen London look so clean. It was always a little to flashy and lacked the grit that elementary brings. It also has this tendancy to make the really violent parts look pretty and aestheticly pleasing and that always irked me. Elementary takes it seriously. And brings a certain level of responsibility to not glamorize the crimes and the criminals. 

also never a big fan of the on screen text, felt to much like spelling it out for the viewers and not giving them a chance to figure it out on their own.

BBClock is also known for being really fucking racist

the way bbclock deals with abuse is absolutely terrible and irresponsible

as well as the complete and utter failure that was their scandal in bohemia adaptation

To finish off: this isn’t Sherlock. Really, i’m insulted by its existence.

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#tbh the prettyfying of the murders in hannibal made me uncomfortable too but at least they were doing it thematically to prove a point #swiggity swag there's hate in the tag
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Well shit i just started watching elementary and when i heard the opening song i thought it resembled sherlock, and the font seems to be the same too?! Watson is a woman?! What is this madness?

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Gillian Anderson in A Streetcar Named Desire.

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Elementary 2x21 - The Man with the Twisted Lip


Mycroft, I’m blaming you for this.

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I need more Sherlock/Jamie in my life, but I don’t know if there’s much of a fandom for it because I really don’t want to have to wade through all the other sherlock/moriarty stuff from all the other versions.

I use jamlock personally

I’ll use…

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get to know me meme: ten female characters ♦ joan watson

↳ “My point is that the only thing that anyone can predict about people with a 100 percent certainty is that they’ll change, and anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves.”

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“You sent me to get a feel for Catherine Martin— let me go to the others. All we’ve got left is to find out how he hunts. How he finds them, how he picks them. I’m as good as anybody you’ve got at the cop stuff, better at some things. The victims are all women and there aren’t any women working this. I can walk in a woman’s room and know three times as much about her as a man would know, and you know that’s a fact. Send me.”

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technicolorrelays said: joan/sherlock/bell


*snickers* TEEN WOLF AU Sherlock is a werewolf whose entire family was burned down by Irene Alder. Joan is a kick-ass Hunter lady leader who’s left the business for a while to try to come up with her own code. Bell is a cop who was bitten by a rogue Alpha one night and finds himself working with Joan and Sherlock to stop the supernaturally inclined crimes going on in the city.

Clyde is their completely ineffectual intruder alarm.

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